Thursday, May 8, 2008

You Look Like Me So... must think like me also.  I live in probably the most diverse area of metro DC, Silver Spring/Takoma Park (MD & DC) areas.  It is great!  You name it, we have it: age, race, culture, gender, it's all here, there is nothing homogeneous about my "hood."   

One of my favorite past times is to sit at a sidewalk cafe and people watch.  The other day I was people watching with my friend and a man came up to us and just started talking.  We didn't think much of it, we just thought he was enjoying the sun, but then he started talking about foreigners.  Oh boy, I thought, here we go.  He said, he was tired of those (bleep, bleep) Ethiopians and Mexicans taking our jobs.  They should just go back to where they came from.  Once he said that, my friend looked at me and I immediately blanked out.  Yes, I could have started in on him.  I could have educated him.  I could have gotten more fodder for my blog, but frankly sometimes I find there are just some people that are too ignorant for me too even waste my energy on and he was one of them.  So, I blanked out, continued people watching and let my friend listen to his rants and raves for another however many minutes he was at our table.  He eventually left, I didn't notice, and I was just as happy as when he came (my friend...not so much...LOL).  


haze said...

Yeah, some battles just aren't worth the effort.

It always amazes me how many BLOCKHEADS are walking the Earth.

Katy said...

I am always amazed by people who do this. It seems that they are ususally people who are unable to interpret social cues about whether thier audience is interested or disgusted, and just go on and on if they find somebody who doesn't come right out and tell them to shut the %$#@ up.

This just happened the other day when some random stranger I was stuck next to went on and on about how whales and spotted owls should all be killed so people can log and fish in peace. Eventually, I said "I'm kind of a tree hugger you know." Unfortnately, this only raised his volume. I should have done what you did.

Tami said... always crack me up! But, you are right, these are people in a world of their own so maybe we give them a little slack for that...or NOT! LOL

Tasha said...

sadly for me.. in cases like these.. i spend the next three days coming up with witty comebacks.

Craig & Cindy said...

You ain't just whistlin' dixie...I work in the immigration field....and I live in Oklahoma...there are a lot of people who make disdain comments about immigrants and sometimes I'd just like to - - to the moon Alice!


Jazzzy said...

Oh my!!! You are so close to me. I live in DC near Walter Reed. I have just made the decision to adopt from Ethiopia. I am nervous excited, you name it. I will start my process next week. I would love to meet you, talk to you etc. Congrats to you!!

Tami said...

Jazzy, I live by Walter Reed also! You can join nanny share with us! Send me your contact information or let's meet for lunch or dinner. Tami