Friday, September 26, 2008

Picture Perfect

Since I have so many blog buddies getting ready to travel to pick up their babes, I thought I would give you all a way to spend your money.  Oh, I mean provide stimulation for your baby and a way for them to see your lovely face until you have them in your arms.  Check out Manhattan Toy Whoozit Photo AlbumI'll probably get one, but who am I fooling I'm months away from a referral, but NEWSFLASH: Shawn and I have committed to finishing our dossiers by Nov. 7!  Oh, Shawn, I have assigned a date to November...I just thought you should know.  LOL  


angela said...

You are really a funny person. You're going to be one sassy mom!

Tami said...

Angela...thanks! Yea...I crack myself up! LOL I'm not sure how funny Baby I will think I am when I'm making all sorts of crazy examples out of life experiences...but I'm pretty sure I'll be laughing. I know I didn't laugh much at my mother, but they are pretty funny now!

Shawn said...

OK Tami. I'm all over it!! How about you? We have to have a phone update. Noevember, no later.