Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Brangelina Do It Again

Did you hear my favorite couple Brangelina donated $2 million dollars last week to help fight HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis in Ethiopia?  The money will be used to help build a clinic in Addis Ababa to help children fight the diseases.  

Brad and Angelina said "It is our hope when Zahara is older she will take responsibility of the clinic and continue its mission."  

Way to go Brad and Angelina!!!!!!  


kristine said...

Wow. I like the donation idea. I'm not too sure about wanting their daughter to take responsibility for the clinic? What do you think? Will our Ethiopian children owe more to Ethiopia than we do? I don't know one way or other I'm trying to figure it out. Will my ET child owe more to ET than my bio child? Does my bio child have to spend his life educating the world about being biracial just because he is biracial or is that my repsonsibility?

These are some of my questions that keep me up at 2 in the morning. I obviously need to relax!

Thanks for another wonderful post!

Tami said...

I don't see anything wrong with wanting to business and legacy for your children to take over. I hope that I am able to build a successful business for Baby I to have the option to run one day if she wants to. The operative word is if she wants to. If she doesn't then some one else will do it. I think that is the only thing they are saying. They are setting up a foundation for her to do so if she chooses, if not she can do something else. All my mother could do is set the foundation and that is all we can do and it is up to our kids to decide what they want to do with the seeds we have planted. Don't let this stuff keep you up at night. Educate your son, provide him his options and he will do the rest. He and Baby I owe nothing...if you want to educate, if I want to educate then bully for us! :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm not ashamed to say that I love them :)

Single PAP said...

i did hear that. love them.

Anna said...

I think this family rocks. I never understand why people get upset at the reference of adopting from Ethiopia is like Angelina. I think the fact she adopted from Ethiopia encouraged alot of other people to consider this that might not have before. More families for more children is a good thing.