Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Used To Be Like This

It's so funny, when I started this process I was full of hope like this.

I had all the opinions in the world like this.

I kept my ears on the boards and made great fun like this.

If anyone plucked a nerve they got this.

I was always known to find a bargain, like this.

I shared my dreams, like this.

My house (in or out) was good for a laugh or two, like this.

But lately the only thing I seem to be full of or known for is this.


A grumpy bear.


For those of you checking this blog a big fat ZERO!

I'm a Grump with nothing insightful to say like the other bloggers who blogged all the way up to their babes coming home...I guess I would have if this process would not have taken me so stinkin' long, sorry.

I'm trying to make lemonade over here but frankly I have a freakin' worm on the inside of it.

I'm sure by the time Baby I gets here there will be no blogging but I figure I will just keep this up as best possible for the few that have followed me for these excruciating 2+ years.



kristine said...

I'll always be with you girl.

We're going on four years ourselves. Started domestic then had to pause. When we picked back up we were unsure. Looked into international. Studied, went to agencies, talked to people. Chose Ethiopia, did our homestudy pretty quickly had our dossier, then ... lost my job. got a new job, started saving more money (had used our 'adoption savings' to live on) had to redo some of the homestudy. Redid the dossier. CIS took 5 mos to approve our fingerprints.

You know the deal....

Still I have quinn. Which is very very very good. Only downside, is he was three when we first decided to adopt. He's seven now.

What are you going to do?

I'll be here. And you can be as grumpy as you want to be.

Of course, Grumpy can travel to.

Just sayin....

Kim Foo said...

praying your wait flys by

Jebena said...

Okay, you have a bag full of lemons right now--and you've made lemonade out of a few of them...now what 'cha gone do? You take em and make a Lemon Pie, You squeeze some of the lemons on your lobster, you place a few in a vase for decorations---GIRL, you do you and be "wise" during the wait. Take full advantage of YOUR headspace, your airspace, your foodspace, your bedspace, your toilet space...because them little critters take it ALL once they are home!

Sending you some cyber gummy-bears and a hug((*))!

Single PAP said...

your baby girl is coming and from an exhausted and frustrated single mom with no balance, ENJOY YOUR TIME as hard as it is cause it is glorious. and come by anytime to babysit to get your kid fix. seriously. please come. please.

Katy said...

Oh, I'll be here too. Thanks for the little walk down memory lane.

Jebena said...

...see, Sistafriendgirl L is offering up a Win-Win Game Plan: You visit her and Toddler-sit Naomi for two hours helping you with the BabyI Blues -- she get's some down time for some "me-time" for two hours--now that's how you share lemon tarts while sipping lemon tea (lol)!

hazel said...

Lemons, lemonade, lemon gin, lemon meringue pie, lemon poppyseed cake...

Do what you need to do, Tami. We're all here waiting with you, holding our breaths for your great news. It's going to be one hell of an online party when you get your referral!

Tami said...

Thanks all for your sweet comments. Thanks for hanging in there with me. Please don't give up on me even if if post sporadically, read your blog weeks late and mail things to you years late (you know who you are)...you are in my hearts always. I'm just slow for everyone no disrespect intended. Hugs!

Nancy said...

Awh. You just popped into my thoughts this morning as I was painting Mimi's fingernails :)

I came to check on you sweet lady. You are officially waiting! Officially. Though I know you have been unofficially waiting for a great deal longer. It will happen. All in God's perfect timing.

Anonymous said...

Girl...Thanks for the update!
I'm glad to know you're still around.
I'm still here, waiting, praying and cheering you on. :)