Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lets Have Txt

I found out about this new website called . Yup, it is just like it sounds. So you know me, I had to go there and see what it was all about. Following is my dialogue with someone from the site.

Sexy Cowboy- What can a cowboy do for you today?

Me- I'm not sure. What can you do?

Sexy Cowboy- What would you like me to do?

Me- Hmmm

Sexy Cowboy- You like horses?

Me- Yes

Sexy Cowboy- Would you like to ride mine?

Me- Actually no I don't have time, I'm going through an adoption...can you help me out with that?

Blank Air...

Me- Hello

Me- Not so Sexy huh?

Sexy Cowboy- But you are beauty.

Me- Thanks

Sexy Cowboy - Well, if you ever need a sexy cowboy let me know.

Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess adoption is not so sexy huh?

They have a sexy plumber and robot, try it out and let me know what you get! Oh, maybe I should put a warning in front of this video for some people so...WARNING. LOL


Katy said...

Wow. That's one way to be distracted from the wait! The site is not loading properly for me, so I can watch the sexy plumber video, but when I try to txt him to tell him how much I like his socks, I can't. How does something like this make money? Crazy.

haze said...

three words - WTF??


Craig & Cindy said...

OMG. LOL! Tami, write me another email on PIF and explain it to me if you...