Friday, February 22, 2008

Save Their Hair

I don’t like to get into the hair care discussion much but, I just found a great hair tool, called Tomekos Twists, that I wanted to share. Yes, this was when I should have been writing my proposal, that didn’t go so well today…sighhhhh. Now, for those of us (and many of your little babes) that have/will have curly hair and locs, rubber bands will never work. They pull our hair out and the hairbands with the balls work but they aren’t that cute and they can also hurt. Oh yes, we have scunchi (spelling) but the problem with those things is I can’t get a big poof on my head. Now, I know you are thinking why would I want a big poof? I’ll tell you why because when I wear my hair curly I think like I’m a Texan. You know everything in Texas is bigger…the bigger the better. You remember in the 80s when you used to have the big feathered hair? Well, I like my curls big. Many people with curly hair (and black) like to wear their hair styled on their head but the little rubber bands that are sold in CVS don’t work for us so this new hair tool is made just for us! It’s cute and easy to use. I’m ordering mine this weekend. Okay, I promise not to do it today because that would mean more time away from this proposal that I need to do but I’m going to order it this weekend! Check it out, it may let you or your little one create some new, cute hair styles too! Now, say thanks Tami! LOL


haze said...

Cool - you'll have to post a picture with the twists in your hair.

Hi! I'm Laura & this is my blog. said...

so should the website, haze. it took me a minute to figure out what they were. but now that i get it (maybe i'm slow) they seem pretty cute.

Katy said...

Thanks Tami!


Farmboy and Buttercup said...

Hey, I need ALL the help I can get with the hair thing. My own is as short as can be due to my hair disability.