Friday, February 1, 2008

Whatcha Been Doing?

Well, I cannot tell a lie. I've been cheating on you! Some people from my undergraduate alma mater (Howard University) started a social networking site similar, to MySpace called Bison Round Up, and...HELLO my name is Tami and I'm an addict! Can I tell you it was as bad as my blogging no actually worse than my blogging. Imagine catching up with friends you haven't seen in xx years! I'm not telling you how many! That would ruin my youthful image now wouldn't it! LOL But check this picture out of me (I'm on the right) from back in the day...aahhh, to be 21 again! NEVER would I want to be 21 again, 31 yes 21 NOT! LOL (and yes, I had black hair back then!)

We now affectionately call Bison Round Up the Crack House because, I swear you MUST go there every day (maybe a few times) to get your fix. You have to see who is new, who sent you a hello, or who sent your friend a hello because you two knew the same people. It's crazy! Just so you don't think it's only me the question of the week on the site is: Have we completely negatively effected the Gross Domestic Product by being on this site yet? Pretty funny right?

I guess you get the point. But alas, after a few weeks of playing with my old college friends, I guess I must learn to split my time among my other blogging activities. I really do miss you guys. Plus, I was tired of getting threatening emails from people. Just kidding, they were really nice.



haze said...

Such a 2 timer, sheesh!


Welcome back. It's a blast catching up with old friends (for the most part).

Anna said...

Glad to know you didnt give up on blogging! I was like that with facebook. After a few days it wore off :)

Jocelyn said... is about time, I almost sent the troops in looking for you. Way to cheat on us..I'll let it slide this time but if it happens again..your in BIG trouble:-)

Katy said...

I'm glad you've been having fun! I knew if I just kept clicking on my link to your blog, over and over, and chanting the special chant, and wishing and hoping and praying everyday that you'd come back, you would.

ali said...

Glad you're back. I kept checking

Tami said...

Thanks guys! I'm back. I should have one of my New Year's Resolution surprises for you all this week. Stay tuned!

Jennifer said...

Ok... loving the Flavor Flave clock on the guy's neck... that is definitely giving me a feeling for the time frame that you were at Howard!:-)
By the way, did you know any people from Palatka, Florida while you were there (I know it is a big University, I just figured it was worth an asking)
I had three friends attend Howard starting from 1990.
Just wondering.