Thursday, October 7, 2010

Adoption Timeline

Why is it that my last Adoption Timeline update was 12/9/09?


I pretty much suck.

Hey Robbin?

Can you give me some dates for this timeline? You keep my dates better than me!

Guess I'll update them this weekend!

BTW...I'm going crazy over here. I must be if I'm blogging when I know no one reads! I think I'll email Gladney! LOL


Anonymous said...

It's about time you updated your timeline. LOL
I was thinking about when the adoption agency changed their "singles" rule and you were going to close your blog because you didn't think you would adopt due to the long wait. Time has flown by and now you're almost at the finish line. WOW! Congrats, job well done! Enjoy your day. :)

Jebena said...

...ditto what Sen said!!!

PS...keep blogging because we are reading if when we don't leave comments......and what became of the quilt??????

eboni4christ said...

Your comment made me stop being lazy and figure out how to officially be a follower. There are so few active bloggers off the African American Families Adopt pg, I for one look forward to you all sharing your stories. We're listening.

Anonymous said...

We read. Keep blogging.

Tami said...

Thank you everyone for saying that you are still reading after all this time . I'm blogging, and even moreso now.

Kim Foo said...

im reading im reading