Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Baby I in Wonderland

I'm working on the nursery! If you didn't remember (how could you since it was years ago) I am a part time interior decorator, so I am somewhat particular when it comes to my design. Translation very slow! I have been thinking about this nursery for a year! LOL It is going to be a combination of the following three rooms -- if you have any imagination but there won't be any big pictures of panties I promise! I started to block that out but it made me laugh so I left it alone, I figured you would scratch your head a little and say what the heck is that Tami up to now? In my house we are calling it Baby I in Wonderland. ;-)


hazel said...

A Wonderland is a great way to describe how I imagine the nursery looking based on these pics.

And those panties are very disturbing.

Anonymous said...

The room is going to be beautiful. Please take before/after pics.


BTW: the panties are funny but disturbing!!! LOL

Jebena said...

Hey Ms. Tami!

Love Love Love Room #1 except for that square table (Ikea has a round table for $19.99 that would coordinate much better and without the worry of the square corners).

Likey on Room #2 (particularly the red horns---that is whimsical in wonderland for sure sans that square crib)

Rooms #3 and #4...drill some hooks into for hanging Baby I's pretty panties, day wear and sleepwear and tone down the ADD-hyphie colors and you've sold me on urban-disturbance! j/k-LOL! Both are "wonder" ful.