Friday, October 15, 2010

Let's Play: Guess that Date!

I was told by the Adoption Whisperer (AW-Robbin) that it was time for me to play a few games. So, Robbin, here I go following the rules of the adoption blogdom (or is that blogsphere?).

This game is just for shintz and giggles because I am terrible about mailing packages (sometimes they never get mailed). Sad, but, there are NO prizes. Unless of course the AW wants to provide one to the winner. ;-)

Moving on...passing time.

When do you think I'll get my referral?


Anonymous said...

Nov 12 is the date that you will received your referral.

Sen :)

Anonymous said...

BTW: Still waiting on the adoption timeline update and the top 5 names for Ms I... What's up?


Rebecca said...

I know - it has been a long time! Somehow I "lost" your blog in my google reader. I found you again on the FBI list! Yay!

I'm guessing October 20th. 10/20/10. That would be a fun referral date! And, referrals have to start coming in soon, right? It seems like its been a while since Gladney has given a referral (that I know of!) so I'm guessing there will be a rush of referrals going out. Soon!

Kim Foo said...

Tami - I guess December 3

-kimfooyoung at gmail