Saturday, October 9, 2010

Entrance to Wonder

There would have been no wonder without the doorway that Alice finally managed to enter. That colorful and whimsical doorway foretold what adventures were waiting for Alice on the other side.

That must mean that Baby I must have a fabulous door for her room and life of wonder to come. You got it! I bought my baby a new door today (the room didn't have a door so and any ole door would not do, nope!).

Behold the entrance to Baby I's Wonderland (oh, the picture stinks b/c I have no camera). It is so tiny it's anti-climatic I know but you get the point. :-).


Anonymous said...

I need for you to buy a camera. LOL How are you going to document your trip to pick up Baby I and keep us updated of her progress. I'm just sayin....

Sen :)

Tami said...

Mystery Sen. I am getting a new camera for my trip. My old camera only lasts like 5 minutes at a time. Maybe Robbin will buy me one.

hazel said...

The door looks trippy! Can't wait for the rest!!

Jebena said...

I'm casting my vote for Robbin to "gift" you a camera too---hehehe!

PS...I'm so proud of you and how you've endured the wait of Baby I's journey!