Monday, October 18, 2010

Bi-Racial Hair Video...a must see

If you have followed this blog since the beginning (silly you) then you know I used to be controversial. However, after three years (yes 3) I got old and tired, the adoption process beat me up and I was forced to chill out. Well, I've rested. Have lots of energy and starting to feel like the old me again, so I thought what better way to begin anew than to stir up a little controversy. I mean emotions...or maybe that is thinking. Dangit where are those strikeout functions for blogger?

Warning: if you are new to this blog, please don't view the video below if:
  • you want to remain in a bubble, have no feelings (either way)
  • think times are changing and racism doesn't exist and
  • think it's perfectly normal for the Duggars to have 1 more child. I don't know what the Duggars has to do with this video or post but seriously 19 kids? OUCHHHHHHHH
So, here is the video Bi-Racial Hair. I had so many emotions when I viewed it. There were many umms and oohhs and yeahs and yups and wows that came out of my mouth. I had to view it twice. My cousin said she had to undergo some brief trauma counseling afterward. LOL Let me know what you think and we can have a deeper conversation in the comments section.

Again...remember you have been warned. See this is the nicer, kinder, gentler Tami.


Jebena said...

Insights like this coming from the soul of a young sista, I can not adequately place into words without a vocal discussion where I can "yep-yep" or nod my head furiously in agreement or disagreement. Oh how I wish blogspot had some type of skype or conference call via blogspot feature. But what I can say is this, Miss Sista-girl Lisa brought it forth with correctness----AMEN?!!!!! AMEN!!!!!!

PS.....Are there any youtube videos addressing weaves and teens? I'm currently dealing with several mentees who are possessed with wearign weaves---and they are all under the age of 16!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The video is gone but I will view it on Youtube and tell you what I think.

Sen :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jebena {wave}...
Can we get an update on Birdsong and Navi???

Sen :)

Jebena said...

...correction, Sista-girl Zora Howard brought it forth with the correctness! Thanks for the video Tami---I needed some inspiration today.

Sen, Babysongbird is no longer a baby (wiping my tears)and Mz.Navi just returned a few months ago from Addis Abeba visiting family and hurting with a passion to return and rebuild portions of the Piazza neighborhood--keep her in your thoughts and prayers--human service is a stressful call when you desire to do so much. Thanks for asking...I'll try to do better with the blogging.

***Thanks for letting us cross comment/post Tami!***

Anonymous said...


Sorry!!! Don't kill me for cross comment/post. :)


Sen :0

BTW; Did you guys read the survey? Tell me what you think. It scares me...

Anonymous said...

Delurking to thank you for posting this. Her soul shines through in this poem, it is incredible. What talent at such a young age! As a future mom to biracial children this was important to see. I'm embarrassed to admit how many times I've watched it already. "Slit my wrist my blood does not excrete in black and white" - that line gave me chills. So many important messages in that video.

My fingers are crossed for you getting your referral soon! :)

Vive...rie...ama said...

I just got the goosebumps- this young woman is extremely talented!!! What a strong message, delivered by an even stronger woman.