Monday, October 4, 2010

Because I like it!

Well, I would narrow the names down but why spoil all the fun? Maybe you guessed it. Maybe you didn't. Will my feelings be hurt if you don't like my kid's name? Nope! Why? Because...I like it! And so will my little Baby I.

No referral news yet.


hazel said...

LOL! We will love the name you've chosen

Anonymous said...

I agree with Hazel; we will LOVE the name that you choose.


BTW; I couldn't find you on FB but located a few others and sent them a request. LOL (ie.. Robbin, Hazel and Laura)

Sen :)

Jebena said... long as it isn't "Inez"!
I had a huge knock-down, drag-out, grease-your-face-braid-your-hair, fight with an Inez when I was in the 8th grade over the way I did/didn't speak English nor sounded like her crew---lol---sorry for the flashback.

Thinking of you and how your heart must pound with each phone ring!

hazel said...

Sen - I just saw your comment here and have now confirmed you on FB. I wasn't sure who you were before :-)