Friday, June 29, 2007

Caffeine, Rain and Adoption Reading

Why am I so blah this morning????? Maybe it's the rain, clouds or gray day. It could be all of the reading that I did with my coffee this morning. Let me tell you: caffeine and dozens of pages telling you that you need thousands of dollars for an adoption don't mix! So folks, there is no inspiring entry today! I'm just going to try to focus on work, making some money and not on the lack of (that isn't productive is it?) and if all else fails...I'll go get a pedicure and then do more purging!


The Elliott Family said...


Just take it one page at a time! That beautiful child is at the end of that paper/financial mess we have to go through and is who God meant for YOU.

Keep plugging!


PS...Loving Gladney!

Tami said...

Thank you Rachel!!!!!!!!