Monday, June 18, 2007

Positive Gladney Feedback

I had my first conversation today with a Gladney parent. It was with the mother of Ash (see their blog Baby Ash, he is soooo cute). She said her experiece with Gladney was great! She honestly had nothing bad to say about Gladney. The only semi negative comment she had was about the dossier process and that dealt with the Ethiopian Government (government is government in any country, 'nuff said). The entire process for them was nine months but she said (the general consensus) I should expect to wait about twelve months from the time I submit my paperwork. I should get to the job of beginning that paperwork huh? Well, I guess I should get to the job of huh...starting that fundraising...! My entire adoption from beginning to picking my little bundle of joy up priceless (yea...20K)! Insert happy face here


WELCOME said...

A year? That's good information. Is that about typical of all agencies?

Tami said...

I think it is now. It's Ethiopia not the agency. There is a demand that they can't meet with their current staff. So just remember a year.

pat2006 said...

It was great talking with you this morning about Gladney. I'm thrilled that you're following your heart. Please keep me posted. By the way, you do look Ethiopian!