Thursday, June 14, 2007

Interesting Questions I've Gotten Thus Far

So, after officially having my blog up only 1 day, I've gotten some interesting are the top three:

  1. Q: Why Ethiopia? A: Why not Ethiopia? Remember your first love and you just knew they were the one for you? Well this is how I feel...I just know that Ethiopia is where my daughter is. I've taken the adoption course for Department of Children and Family Services of DC and I've looked into other countries but I keep coming back to Ethiopia. I've always been drawn to Ethiopia since I was in college and for those who know me it has more to do with than the guy that I dated in college (he was very cute though)! LOL The need (goes without saying) how about other stuff like...I love the food, the people are great, and everyone in DC thinks I'm Ethiopian anyway (I'm least I don't think I am who knows, my family is Dominican, Jamaican, Spanish, Scottish, Syrian, African American...whatever that is these days, and some other stuff...) now I just need to learn how to speak Amharic. :-) I also think I should get one of those DNA tests done!...

  2. Q: Why don't you just adopt from DC or some place in the US? A: Honestly, I don't have the emotional energy for the uncertainty of a US adoption. International adoption is much more predictable. There is no wait period for the birth parent to decide if they made the right decision...I can't imagine falling in love with my child then having her taken from me. I don't have to wait for someone to choose me to be the mother of her child or I don't have to become a foster parent first in order to become a mother of a baby through the city. Yes, there are many children domestically that need homes also, I just don't have the emotional energy to give to the process. After this past year (which I will discuss in the upcoming weeks) all of my emotional reserves are gone...I'm rebuilding them for those late night feedings and temper tantrums come next fall. Oh what great fun that will be! LOL

  3. Q: How much is it (adoption) going to cost? A: I'm glad you asked!!!!!!!!!! Following are the costs to the agency I'm planning (not set in stone yet) on using. It's very expensive so remember those rent parties people used to have back in the day...stay tuned for adoption parties!!!!!!!

Program Fees and Other Expenses Gladney Center for Adoption June 1, 2007
One Child Gladney Application Fee $300
Gladney Home Study Fee * $1,500
(Home Study Review Fee of $500 if another agency conducts the Home Study)
Gladney Program Fee $4,200
Post Placement Supervision Fee ** $600
Post Placement Report Administration $450
ADOPTION FEES PAID TO OTHERS (Best Estimates) In United States
CIS Application and Fingerprinting for 2 Adults $685
Authentication of Documents (Estimate)*** $350
Passport ($85/person travel) if applicable
Travel Visa ($20/person) $40
In Ethiopia -Foreign coordinator/foreign source fee+ $7,335
TOTAL ADOPTION EXPENSES (Approximately) $15,460
Vary depending upon season, cities visited, point of departure,level of accommodation, etc.
Adult Airfare/per Person/International Travel
Child Airfare/per Person/International Travel
Lodging Depending on Accom.(Est. 7 days)
Meals (Est. 7 days @ $30/day per family of 2)
Misc. Transportation in Ethiopia
TOTAL TRAVEL EXPENSES (Approximately) $4,195 - $6,485

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Anna said...

yay! You finally started writing again- glad to see you.
I hope to write more about our fundraising efforts after we are home and I have lots of "spare time" home with the baby for a while :)