Monday, November 26, 2007

Don't Give Up

"If you run into a brick wall, dig under it, go above it, or go around it--but don't give up. Either you have to find a way or make one!"-- Payal Tak

Yup...that's pretty much how I am feeling about a month long of posting! I now have to look for inspirational quotes to keep this up in the midst of migraines, meetings, work and more work...I'm tired. Maybe I'll have more to write on Tuesday. Oh, I have a lot to say I just don't have the energy to write it! I wish I could just speak my thoughts into my computer.


Katy said...

It's almost over! If I win a prize and you don't contest it over my little Thanksgiving issue, I'll share it with you. Sorry to hear about migranes. And of course you have a standing invitiation to visit if you're ever in the Boston area.

Tasha said...

TICK TOCK... It's 4pm on Tuesday.. where's today's post???

iesha said...

You have kept up with posting, but I am a little slow on the reading! Thanks for that quote. I was just sitting here feeling bad about my sad excuse for a job and read that quote. It literally sent a chill down my spine. Just a good reminder that we have the power to change things in our lives. I know I need to be where I am at for now, but it certainly not be forever. Thanks for the quote!

Tami said...


I'm glad the quote helped. I have tons of them because I often need them. If you ever need a quote, drop me a line...I'll post one for you! ;-)