Monday, November 5, 2007

What is he thinking?

I called one of my neighbors yesterday and he was spending the day with his daughter. Ordinarily I would have said great but, I said "isn't it Monday and shouldn't she be at school?" He said "yes, it is but, it is her birthday, she is turning 10." "Oh, okay I get it, it's a holiday." "Exactly" he said. "Okay, I'll talk to you later." I said

Okay, are you ready for my comment to this conversation? WHAT THE F#$@? Since when is it okay for a parent to take their child out of school to celebrate their birthday at Chuckie Cheese? Yes, yes I know a parent can do what he/she wants to do with their child but, what values are we instilling in our children when we show them that we can take them out of school at the drop of a hat to celebrate what most people celebrate on the weekends. Let's be serious, it's not a religious holiday, Christmas or even President's's a 10 year old's birthday for goodness sakes. I wanted to tell my neighbor to get a grip, go buy some cupcakes, goody bags and drop his kid off at school but then I remembered a few things.

First, I heard my mother saying "Tami mind your business." So, I didn't say a word instead I'm complaining to the blogosphere. Next, I remembered this is the same person that gets his kid a personal shopper at Nordstroms. Yes, a personal shopper! The first time I heard this I said to him "Excuse me? Haven't you ever heard of TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack or Potomac Mills (the outlet mall)." He said "Oh no, I've never taken my daughter to one of those stores." I laughed and said, "hmm...silly you. My kid will love them, be happy and very cute. What she will never see is a personal shopper from Nordstroms unless it is her own money!"

SIGHHHH...what is he thinking or maybe it's just me. Maybe Baby I will be deprived because my mother had this theory unless I was dying...I was going to school every single day!!!!!!!! She did allow me to miss senior cut day though. I didn't want to cut so I told her it was senior cut day and she let me stay home. That was nice. Oh, and it was the time when I wore a mini skirt to school (when they were not allowed...yes, I'm dating myself here) and they sent me home to change but my mother was mad because she said it wasn't too short and let me stay home all day...that was it! I missed two days from school (let's not talk about the days I was suspended that is another post LOL)...the other days I missed I was dying! Lesson for Baby I: it's school or you better be dying.


Tasha said...

So, um, is this guy single?

Tami said...

Tasha- umm what does him being single have to do with this post! LOL BTW he is single and loves me, unfortunately I don't feel the same way. There I said it! are hilarious!

chou-chou said...

I think what Tasha is saying is that he sounds RICH and willing/able to SPOIL the bejeezus out of someone.

So naturally that means he'd be perfect for me. I mean for Tasha. (But really, I mean for me.)

I am completely grossed out, however, at the idea of a personal shopper for A CHILD. And I am going to be the biggest birthday scrooge ever. I am WITH you on this, girl.

By the way, so is my family. My sister sent me this very link today:

Check it out!