Saturday, November 17, 2007

Fittin' In With The Adoption Trend

I interviewed someone the other and at the conclusion of the interview we were just chatting. She started talking about her kids, I mentioned my adoption (there is no surprise there). She said "oh, how nice, it's so trendy these days, that's the in thing." I was floored. I said "well, no, it's not an in thing to do. People adopt because they love children." Everything else is a blur. But, I still like her, and she understands that adoption is not "trendy" and is very embarrassed by her comment. I guess I will contract her.

Adoption trendy? Very funny, I'll be sure to remember that as I am saving, scrimping and trying to figure out how to pay for my adoption. Trying to be the best single mom I can. I have to fit in with the Jones ya' know!


haze said...

DUH. No wonder she was embarrassed.

It's funny how those outside of the adoption circle have such a different perception & understanding of the whole thing. I can hardly remember those days myself because adoption/Ethiopia is such a pervasive part of my world now and forever.

We have to remind ourselves that not everyone eats and breathes adoption [those poor souls :-)]

And yes, it feels great to be so cool & 'in' -- rubbing shoulders with Angelina & Brad, writing cheques without batting an eye...

Stacy said...

My cousin said the same thing to me. Here's the kicker - she's an adoptive mom herself! I guess even within "our" community there's a difference between the "trend" of international adoption and domestic adoption. (Trend, yuck, I never much liked fitting in...)

Rebecca said...

I'm sure I stick my foot in my mouth when talking to other people about thing that I may not necessarily be going through. I am just kind of shocked that she said "trendy". I loved your comment about scrimping and saving just so you could fit in with the Jones' :)

Tami said...


I think a gathering for those of us in DC adopting from Ethiopia would be fun!

And I also emailed about that same comment...WTF???? LOL

Anna said...

And can I just add, why is it considered "trendy" to adopt internationally, but adopt from the foster care system and people look at you like, you poor thing- what were you thinking?! People are far more interested in talking to me about an adoption from Ethiopia than they ever were about adopting from the FC system.