Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Blog Name Change

I have posted over 90 rants and raves. Who knew I had so much to say? Well, my mother and many of my teachers I'm sure would say "we did." Now, it is time for you all to know the truth about me...I tend to have a short attention span. I need to have frequent change (that is the Gemini in me or the Attention Deficit Disorder...heehee). So, now I'm bored! Not bored with posting, but bored with my blog name. What made me think I could pick one blog color and remain happy for a year or more? What was I thinking? I'm sure it was the excitement of the moment! Well, I need to change something about the blog and the most obvious is the name, it just doesn't reflect my current state. My adoption is and will forever be a blessing however, it is more than that. I am more than that. I want the name to be reflective of me, my life and our (me and Baby I) life. I've seen some really cool blog names out there, please help me find a new blog name.

WARNING...this is something like picking a baby won't be easy! LOL OKAY...I'm open to suggestions.


Jocelyn said...

I think the name "If only I were Jocelyn" is a good one:-)Hee Hee!!Your asking me to actually use my brain??? What are you thinking...don't you know that when you are waiting on court to happen after it already didn't, your brain is mush:-) I'm lucky I can even read right now!!

P.S- your money tree is in the mail, hope you don't mind that it is monopoly money:-)

Angie said...

Hi Tami, just wanted to say I'm loving your blog. Especially loving your dedication in writing daily! I'm thinking that new name can come only from you, so can't help you there but I'd say it should reflect your truth, as you mentioned, so look within. You'll find it!

haze said...

I gave myself a day but I still don't have a suggestion for you. It really is such a personal thing.

I am like you in that I get bored really fast. I loved renaming my blog a short while ago. Very refreshing and motivating.