Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Help World Hunger Today

Remember those emails you occasionally received from that annoying friend about going to a particular website to save the world? Well, the email is now a blog posting and the annoying friend is now me (hee hee)!!!! Check out Free Rice where by simply playing a vocabulary game, ten grains of rice are donated for each right answer selected to the United Nations World Food Program. The World Food Program is working with more than 1,000 organizations in more than 75 countries.

Since more than 25,000 people die annually from hunger I think I can be your annoying friend today and I give you permission to goof off at work and play this game. Hey, you are goofing off anyway and reading blogs so go ahead and play, it's okay! Oh, and you will have a much better vocabulary to wow your supervisor with. Maybe I should play, then I'll stop using urban language like WTF (I was just told this is important nomenclature), holla and whateve. Even more importantly maybe I can beat my mother at Scrabble. Yea...WHATEVER!!! Is that better? LOL


Tasha said...

cool concept!

I'd hate to be the person who has to count the grains. They should do it by the pound, not grain.

Tami said...

Tasha that's funny. I'm thinking that they know how many grains of rice equal a pound. LOL But, I nominate you for the job of counting grains!

chou-chou said...

I got this by email about a week ago, and OMG I've been playing obsessively. As a word geek, it's just my cup o' tea.

Good idea to post it on your blog -- I may do the same.

haze said...

I've seen this around and finally checked it out for myself. I'll be posting a link to it on my blog soon.

p.s. WTF is an important part of modern day nomenclature

Katy said...

Maybe WTF should be one of the vocab words. More rice, I imagine. 500 grains down, but I forgot to try to remember the new words I almost learned. Thanks for the new procrastination tool.