Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Cure for Telemarketers

I don't answer my phone when the caller id. shows unlisted or unavailable. It could be someone I don't want to talk to like: an ex boyfriend, one of my colleges asking for money, a bill collector (of course I pay my bills, but it could happen right?...LOL), my aunt (I see her name, I just don't pick up the phone because she talks entirely too much), one of my credit card/mortgage companies with a great offer or the dreaded telemarketer (I put my name on that opt-out list but somehow I keep getting calls!). For the past few days my phone has continued to ring and the caller id. kept showing unavailable. This morning I decided to answer the phone to see what was so important. The conversation went something like this:

" Hello"

"Good Morning, I'm Tim calling from Eastern Marketing Company, yesterday you started a survey with us. Would you like to continue today?"

"Good Morning. What perfect timing because I'm conducting a survey also. I'm adopting a baby from Ethiopia as a single parent. I'm having a few issues trying to figure out how to raise money to finish paying for the adoption. Also what color do you think I should paint the baby's room? At what age do you think I should put her into daycare? Do you think I should work full or part-time? But I really need to work full-time...Oh I forgot to tell you about my business. Hello.... Hello... Tim? Are you still there?"

I laughed hysterically. I don't think Eastern Marketing Company will call me back again. The point is, start asking them a lot of questions and see how they like it!


chou-chou said...

OMG, that is hysterical!!

I have a strong hatred of telemarketers, and it is surpassed only by those who come to my door and try to sell me something. Please, people, it's my HOME. Back off.

Hi! I'm Laura. Welcome to my blog. said...

That is hilarious! I'll have to try that! And on another note, why the HELL haven't you called me???!!!

:) love ya!

Jocelyn said...

What a great idea...I love it! I think right now I'd just go postal on them though. Now that I think about it, that might be therapeutic:-)

Rebecca said...

You're my husband's dreamgirl :) He is always wanting to do stuff like that, so I don't let him answer the phone. I don't like for them to call me, but I feel sorry for them! I mean, really - who wants to grow up to be a telemarketer? :)

The Breedlove family said...

That is too funny. I should try that tactic next time. I can always tell a telemarketer on the phone because they NEVER can get our name right. I also wanted to add something about the yahoo board...sorry if I am opening up an old wound. I really appreciate your honesty. I have many anxieties about how I will handle difficult situations with my son when he gets older. It is helpful to be given advice even before we have our son home. As much as I believe that there were no deliberate intentions, on the part of the mom, to be disrespectful...I know that we all have room to grow and learn from others. So, I appreciate you telling it like it is! Amy

Tasha said...

Oh god.. I don't think I could have done that with a straight face!

Kudos to you!!!

haze said...

Oh know you DIDN'T?!!

Love it!

Mom said...

That's my girl!!! Did your A. N. tell you about the one that called her? She asked the caller for his home number so she could call him back. He said, "you cannot call me at my home." She said why not, you called me at mine. He hung up.

Love you Nena

pat2006 said...

irl you are too funny! I sometimes let Addison answer when I think it's a telemarketer. You should hear how fast they hang up when a 1 year old is babbling in their ear. I almost look forward to those calls now!