Thursday, August 30, 2007


Yes, I have a new hobby and it is football. You may say what is so interesting about that, many of you like to watch football but I actually don't like to watch football. I play football , much to my football loving family's dismay!

Why did I do it (many have asked)? I wanted/needed something different in my life. I guess being faced with becoming a mother in less than a year has me thinking of things I should have done and wondering if I have enough of a community. Joining a football team is definitely a community. Next year I'll just strap Baby I in her stroller and push her on the side line with someones wife or husband and she can watch Mommy playing football.

So far, I have had two practices (Saturday and yesterday, Wednesday). We are getting ready to compete with all of the other teams in the metro DC area so it is imperative that I get up to speed. Yes, I wonder if that is possible also. Hey I paid my $75 just like everyone else so I am going to play like everyone else! After the first practice I was told "Tami since you are the weakest link you can pick the jersey colors." LOL That was pretty funny but I said that's okay I'm going to get better and all the guys laughed. BTW...on our co-ed team of 13 we have 4 women. At our first practice I had to get the basics you know...catching, who the quarterback was, etc. They decided that I should be a rusher. What? They wanted me to rush the quarterback (the guy with the ball) and get his ball or flag in this case while he has the ball. And mind you there are men and women blocking me from him. Well...okay. Then they put it in perspective for me. "Tami just act like he has some Prada's around his neck that he stole from your house!" "Oh no! I want my shoes back!" "Exactly, go get him!" LOL After practice number 1 I didn't catch anyone but I only fell twice, was hit in the face once and got one swollen finger and the next few days I ached like HECK but I had fun.

Practice #2. The pain stopped on Tuesday just in time for practice on is good! I called my Aunt on the way to practice and she laughed hysterically about my going to practice. She calls my telephone calls her MDLB (mediocre day looking better) calls. That's okay...I hung up on her after I gave her a piece of my mind! hehehe I got to practice and started out with a few one-on-one passes and then we went into the game. was no mercy but guess what? The other team was sleeping on me and I got 2 sacks or flags. Then they realized I'm fast and am actually a good rusher (okay learning to be) and started blocking me with 2 men! They even called me out on a play. I accused them of being scared of me now and my team laughed at them. It felt good and my team said that I'm doing really well and I'm turning out to be a quick learner and may even be the 6th man!

See don't tell me I can't do something...I'll do it just to spite you! As a single woman going through adoption and preparing to be a single mother (like my mother) if I don't know strength then I don't know what I know. Now I just have a great outlet. I wonder what I am going to get into after this season is over? What is your outlet? If you don't have one...get one and physical ones are awesome!


Rebecca said...

LOVE it! I actually like to mountain bike. Most of my friends think that I'm crazy because it's a pretty physical sport (because I hit the ground a lot!!). But, I love it. I love it because I'm in nature where it's peaceful. I love it because I have to work so hard to get up the hills, but I forge on knowing that a downhill will follow and I will feel the breeze in my face and just coast. And, I love trying to do the obstacles, because I'm so proud if I am able to do them. And, I'll have a big old bruise/scrape/etc., if I don't overcome them. Battle wounds are the best!!

Tami said...

Absolutely! I have two swollen fingers and a swore ankle but I loved every minute of it. I can't wait for the next practice! I thought about biking but I haven't gotten past those hills yet.

haze said...

Good on you, Tami, for playing footie with the big boys.

Your post is a reminder to me to make a list of things I want to do while I can (before M comes along). I've only been focusing on the things I'll be doing once she's here - but this is an important perspective too.

Jocelyn said...

The Bears need a better quarter back, can you maybe go try out:-) You are brave, I flinch when my 6 year old nephew wants to wrestle!!