Saturday, August 11, 2007

My List of Fives

Haze didn't want to tag anyone as to not put pressure on them but not me. I'll tell you up front AND I'm into pressure I'm tagging Rebecca she's been pretty silent lately, she obviously needs something to do! SMILE Now for my list of Fives:

5 Things I was Doing 10 Years Ago
  1. Starting business school
  2. Planning to marry my boyfriend after I graduated (LOL)
  3. Living with my mother
  4. Driving a Red Acura Integra
  5. Living in Cleveland
5 Snacks I Enjoy
  1. Bananas or any fruit
  2. Twizzlers
  3. French Fries
  4. Pudding
  5. Cereal (it isn't just for breakfast)

5 TV Shows I've Seen Every Episode Of

  1. Gray's Anatomy
  2. Monk
  3. House
  4. Girlfriends
  5. Nip Tuck

5 Things I Would Do If I Were A Millionaire - First, a million isn't that much money so...unfortunately I would keep working.

  1. Invest more money into my business operations to make sure that I am building a better future for me and my little one who we will begin calling Baby I (until I come up with something different). Yes...her name is picked out but I'll keep it under wraps. My goal is to have a solid company to leave her and her brother (prayerfully I will go back in a year or two).
  2. Pay all of my mother's bills and allow her to retire FINALLY! She would then of course become my personal assistant owing me her life! KIDDING
  3. Buy more real estate
  4. Start an education non profit
  5. Adopt 1-2 more children

5 Bad Habits

  1. Procrastination (Glad I'm in good company!)
  2. I've learned to enjoy my solitude too much
  3. Analyzing things way too much
  4. I don't drink enough water
  5. I don't eat enough (I'm just not hungry!)

5 Things I Like To Do

  1. Work Out (now if I went more often)
  2. Shop for vintage clothes
  3. Spend time with my friends/family
  4. Read magazines
  5. Watch comedy movies

5 Things I Will Never Wear Again - This is hard for me because I'm a vintage girl so I reuse everything at some point.

  1. Leg Warmers!
  2. Glow in the Dark Colors!
  3. Moon Boots!
  4. Fringe Jeans
  5. Catsuit

5 Favorite Toys

  1. Ipod
  2. Tivo
  3. Digital Camera
  4. Laptop (although I need a new one....Haze I'm jealous of you...I want a red one or orange one!)
  5. My SUV

5 Things I Can't Stand

  1. People (especially men, hence me being single) who don't do what they say they are going to do!
  2. Dirty homes
  3. People who mistreat children
  4. Liars
  5. Loud, rude people


haze said...

Excellent, excellent, excellent. I sure enjoyed reading that!

BTW, I'm still waiting for the red laptop to be delivered...

Congrats on your business, Tami. I'm adding a link to it on my blog.

Tami said...

Thanks Haze! Let me know how the laptop works out and thanks for the business support. We need that business to work as that is paying for adoption and Baby I expenses!

chou-chou said...

Great list - I have to say I'm with you on many of these...

except for the part about not eating enough. I wish! :-)

haze said...

yeah, me too - I can eat for England...

Rebecca said...

ohhhh, you're good! I have been silent lately because I don't have a whole lot going on right now...except remodeling my kitchen! Now, this gives me something to blog about! :)