Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mesgana Dancers in Columbia, MD

On Friday evening I went to see the Mesgana Dancers. Awesome! If they are within driving distance of your city go. Not only are these girls talented but they are cute as buttons! They had the crowd moving and the kids in the audience were mesmerized while they were doing their "thang." I tell you, they made me want my baby home faster and made me say "I can adopt two or three." Yikes!

So...did I come home and do all of my paperwork? Well no. Let's not be silly now! I'm still a procrastinator!

Additionally, I met many of the other adoptive parents that I only chat with on the boards/blogs and met their beautiful children. There is really a very rich community here. Not to mention this is DC...Little Ethiopia.



chou-chou said...

So exciting!! Although adopting two or three would scare the bejezzus out of me.

But we'll see - I just bought tickets for the Mesgana Dancers when they come to California...

can't wait!

The Elliott Family said...

Oh, man! They were on our flight back from Addis and they were beautiful...I wish they were coming to Texas...bummer!

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog after seeing your post on the singles adoption group. I read your post from before about friends not being as interested in the process or visiting your blog etc. I have had some very similar experiences as well. At first it really got to me and made me sad but now I figure who cares....wouldn't I rather know now who I want my daughter to know as she grows:-) Believe me, it bugged me at first too.
I am a little ahead of you, waiting on a referral also of a baby girl. My blog is myethiopianprincess.blogspot.com

I just started it this week so it isn't too exciting yet:-)there is a link to a journal I was keeping up until then!! Hope your home study goes well...I was so nervous but it was nothing:-)

-Samantha- said...

Hi there, Than ks for your comment on our blog. We were out of town and could'n really work with the computer we had access to. Congratulations on your journey.