Monday, July 30, 2007

My Hollywood Mom Match

Yesterday I decided to venture out on the web to see if I could find a test to tell me what kind of mother I would be. Not that I don't know I will be a fabulous mother, but I think tests in general are amusing. I mean who can forget the test in school that said read the entire test first before completing then the final question said only do the last question. Of course I didn't read the entire test and I completed every single question! Okay...I don't follow directions or read manuals. It's a good thing kids don't come with them!
What about the Myers Briggs. I'm an ENTP - Extrovert, Intuition, Thinking, Perceiving. Only 3.2% of the US population have this make-up, my mother always said I was special. Of course she was usually fussing at me when she said this but that is besides the point. For those of you who are not familiar with the Myers Briggs let me give you the Tami definition of ENTP Extrovert- we talk to anyone about anything. Intuition - We trust our gut and like to understand and evaluate the soft side of things...leave the hardcore numbers and big words for the other people. We know all of that stuff but we like to play like we don't. Thinking - Does that make sense? Please do something that makes sense. If it doesn't make sense I will bite your head off. Perceiving - Let's think about this a little while. We can make a decision a little later. Yes, I know it due in five minutes...we have plenty of time..........we have to make sure it is right and everyone has their ideas in! This is EXCITING!

So back to this test I took. The Tickle Hollywood Mom Match told told me what celebrity mother I am most like. I was pretty excited about the test until the questions started, I mean the test wasssssssss a little biased. They didn't give me options I would choose so I did my best. The first time around it said I was going to be a mother like...okay are you sitting down...of course you are you are at your computer JOAN CRAWFORD! I was horrified...however I laughed hysterically considering when I read the book as a teenager I called my mother Mommy Dearest when I got mad at her. Of course she would tell me to stop and I would get in trouble (no wire hangers though). The only thing that I said in the test was that I would give tough love. Hey my mother was a police officer and I was raised in a Caribbean Family. I never got spanked but I was afraid of my mother and my Grandmother would talk you to death. I never cut school, did drugs, got pregnant or any of that stuff so I intend to raise my children the I thought...that was WACK I'm taking the test again! ...some of those questions were tricky. Really they were! I put down anything and see I came out as Joan Crawford...It could happen to you too so stop laughing at me!

This time I came back as Reece Witherspoon! Okay, it was still a little skewed because the test said what kind of car would you drive in Hollywood and I put a station wagon...for my friends that have station wagons! I love you but please don't take offense to my next comment since this is my blog. Tami doesn't like station wagons for Tami. Okay, maybe a Mercedes or BMW so maybe I could be Reece...okay MAYBE!!!! But I'm NEVER driving a Mini Van and that IS final! :-) It also asked me something about meatloaf and baking cookies. I decided I'm really not a Reece Witherspoon type either so I decided to take the test again! Maybe the system will get it right this time! The third time is usually a charm.

And I am finally the person I wanted to be (in this test of course)...Angelina Jolie! Now say what you will but I think she is hot. She has beautiful children, gets to travel all over the world, helps communities, has a gorgeous man, money, great clothes...I think I'm going to choose this match over the other two. My job is DONE! I'm finished with rigging (oops..I mean taking) tests for the day!

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Melissa said...

I had no idea you could test your motherhood comparison. I took the employment test and was told I'm best suited to be a mortitian.