Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I Made It!

Well...sorta! I didn't go online, make any telephone calls, read any documents or fill out any papers relating to adoption but, I did receive a few emails. Oh...I guess that meant I read something. My mother called me and inquired about the blog look. OK, I didn't make a call but I received one! But the biggest problem I had was I kept thinking how much time do I have until 6:01? I kept looking at my watch. I kept thinking how can this apply to my baby?

While I was researching furniture for a client I saw a link for nursery furniture. Uh oh! I kept going and lo and behold I hit the back button and spent about ten minutes on that site. I found a nice crib too. What do you think? But then I looked at the price, $1000! How can I afford a $1000 crib after a $20,000 adoption? whew! My champagne taste has ALWAYS been a problem! Since I am one of the last to "have" a baby of my group of friends let's hope someone is ready to "donate" a crib. She probably won't be in it that long anyway.

There are some that follow the Montessori educational training/belief and never put their children in cribs! They want them to develop at their own pace and do what works for them (not be stagnated by crib I have talked with a few of these parents and they say by doing this their children walked earlier and even potty trained sooner. Hmmm, maybe I won't use a crib (that would save me a few dollars). Cribs are made for adults anyway not the kids! Oh yea...never mind, that is why I do want one. I'm a single parent. I may need to sleep an extra few minutes!

Oh...this post was supposed to talk about if my detox worked wasn't it? was an experiment that taught me I need to focus more on work and learn to balance my life better (there is the rub). I am still going to try to stay off of the blog during work hours though! That's the best I can do. Some progress is better than none.

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Anne said...

Funny---I LOVE the PB Kids crib! I have looked at that very imagine a million times when searching for baby stuff. I wanted to decorate the baby's room after that room. Definitely did NOT want to cough up the grand for a crib, though. I did buy a few other things seen in that room from PB Kids, though. LOVE IT!

PS- It's safe to say we're all adoption addicts!

Anne :)