Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My Summer Vacation

A few weeks ago I hit the friendly skies and took a trip to LALA land. One of my closest friends there got married this past May in Barbados but held her reception back at home in LA. I was under the impression that it was going to be a big shin-dig however when I got to LA it was anything but. The reception was not only a celebration of the newlyweds love for each other but a celebration and an intimate gathering of family and friends. The reception was for their core (about 20 people) of individuals who make them who they are. I thought that was so special, it set the mood and pace for my entire vacation. It made me think about who I am, who are the people that make up my core and how do I want to continue living my life.

Since I started my business I have been working almost 7 days a week. Even when I take a vacation I never really take a vacation. I always have my laptop with me. I'm always reading, writing and I think wayyyyyyyyyyyy too much. I often have what you call Analysis Paralysis. I get up before the crack of dawn (4 am) trying to get to the gym by 5 am. And I get you think any of this is related! LOL

So, on Friday after the reception I felt so much love and it was just so peaceful I decided that I was not going to work on Sat. or Sun. Before I knew it, a week had passed and this is what I remember as a vacation.... what an accomplishment for me. What did I actually do for those 7 days? I spent time with my friends and their kids. I sat at my friends pool while the kids played and we talked about the good 'ole days. We spent many hours talking about our lives and how we need to continue building our village for our children. Every time I come to LA my friends spend time trying to convince me to move to LA. With all the kids roaming around it certainly made me think but then I just realized that I have to build my own community in DC and I think I'm doing a pretty good job.
I have Ariana and her husband Sami, they have become great friends to me and always have a hot meal for you think they will feed my kid also? :-) I have several friends (Dana, Tracey and Amy) that I have met via the Single Mother's By Choice (SMC) group. And how can I forget my college friends Mia and Karen. I also have other good friends that will lend a helping hand or at least an ear or a meal! (Arelis, Gabrielle and Angela) My sister and cousin also lives in the area. Some people don't have any friends but the more I look around I already have a village...I love my two friends in LA DEARLY but I don't need to move there to gain a village I already have a village in good 'ole DC. I'll just opt to visit LALA land a little more often say twice a year with my baby girl so she will get to know her family there. Plus they have some great shopping and vintage stores! can I forget... I have Laura in my village! If she decides to adopt or have a child via birth we will support each other and our children...we only live 5 minutes from each other how can we not, we've even said we would have two car seats in our car! Now that is support.


Tracey said...

Hey Tami, you should check out this woman's blog - great fundraising idea.

And as for your village, you should check out thsi excerpt from a Kurt Vonnegut itnerview:
Interviewer DB, after a bleak description our leaders: What can we say to younger people who have their whole lives ahead of them?
KURT VONNEGUT: Well, you are human beings. Resourceful. Form a littl> society of your own. And, hang out with them. Get a gang.> >

DB: You're preaching getting into gangs?

KURT VONNEGUT: Yes. Well, look, it's-->
DB: A good gang.
KURT VONNEGUT: Look, I don't mean to intimidate you, but I have a master's degree in anthropology.

DB: I'm intimidated.
KURT VONNEGUT: From the University of Chicago-- as did Saul Bellow, incidentally. But anyway, one thing I found out was that we need extended families. We need gangs. And, of course, if they're tribes and clans and so forth have been dispersed by the industrial revolution by people looking for work wherever they can find it. And a nuclear family, a man, a woman and kids and a dog and cat is no survival scheme at all. Horribly vulnerable. So yes, I tell people to formulate a little gang. And, you know, you love each other.
------------ -----> -http://www.pbs. org/now/transcri pt/transcriptNOW> 140_full. html

Tami said...

Lapdancing for dollars! That was pretty funny! HMMMMMMMMM I've had a few offers but I'm trying to bring my daughter here with clean money! LOL