Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm An Adoption Addict

I am so addicted to my adoption that I am neglecting my other duties and clients (I won't tell them if you don't)! How do you like my new blog look? Thanks Sara! So, the first step is admitting you have a problem.

Hi my name is Tami and I am an adoption addict!

I think I must try to calm down and get back to my life and to the life of making money so I can bring my little one home. In order to do this I have to create some strict rules. The first rule (I'll have to get back to you on the other rules, one rule is enough for the day), which will begin immediately is: no adoption talk or work between the hours of 9-5. To get this started I am beginning with a 30 hour detox from noon today until 6 pm tomorrow evening. I will not log on, you will not see any blogs from me and if you are my friend I won't talk to you about adoption. Whew...wish me luck.

It's tough love time for me...I must DO SOME WORK!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Talk to you tomorrow at 6:01!


Journey to Mia said...

you're welcome! and - good luck! No way could I detox!!!!

Hi! I'm Laura. Welcome to my blog. said...

oh, and I forgot to mention that your new blog looks great! :-)

Maribeth said...

Hi Tami! I hear ya! I have also just started the process and am finding it incredibly difficult to focus on anything else!! :) Good luck on your adoption detox! :)