Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Is One Really Enough?

Since I've decided to adopt 1 now people have decided to tell me "well you should just really go ahead and adopt 2, they keep each other company". WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! TWWWOOOOOOOOOO?????????????? Did you miss the memo that says $15K = 1 AND $22K = 2...so if anyone has $22K plus transportation plus childcare for say 4 years SUREEEEEEEEEE I'm down with adopting two. I have the patience for two!

On a serious note...I really think that I will adopt again. There are far too many children that need loving homes and mothers. Maybe after I have had my experience in raising a baby I won't mind adopting an older child. Who knows. I'll remain flexible and continue to pray for guidance. The one thing that I do know is that I am evolving and becoming the person I am supposed to be and better than that the mother that I am supposed to be for 1 or for however many.

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