Tuesday, July 17, 2007

And the Winner IS...

World Child, Inc and Paul Kelner! I didn't get good feedback for Datz so that was a no brainer. Barker Foundation wanted $3,900 to complete the home study...NEXT! I didn't get a good feeling from Adoptions Together, all I have is my gut and I'm learning to trust that more. I felt very comfortable with Paul Kelner and he also received raving reviews.

So...I scheduled my home study for when Paul gets back from vacation in mid-August! Yikes!!!!!!!!!! Now, I need any helpful tips for my home study. Tips...Suggestions...Do's...Dont's?


Tracey said...

There are lots of steps to the HS process, and it can feel overwhelming. I found that if I accomplished one task a day, I felt ok.
Here are a couple of things you can get started on while you wait for Paul to return:
1. autobiography - the homestudy will require you to write an autobiography, and it can be challenging. So, maybe you can get started on that now
2. line up references - I think the HS will require 3 people who are not related to you. You should coordinate this with what the agency requires for your dossier.
3. gather financial information - you will need to draft up a financial statement, the HS and placing agency will probably both require it. So, start adding up assets, liabilities, life insurance, etc.
4. medical statement - you will have to have a dcotor's statement of health, and tests for HIV and TB (at least in MD, DC may have different requriements). Wait to go to the doctor until you get the forms, but you might want to set up the appointment now if your doctor is hard to get an appointment with.

I will stop there before I make you hyperventilate with all ther is to do.

The Breedlove family said...

We just had our homestudy last week and these are some things that we needed:
Our autobiographies explaining our past, our childhoods, what our parenting style is, how we are the same/different from our parents, how happiest childhood memory and the saddest too...just stuff like that.

She checked for smoke alarms in all rooms and a fire extinguisher on each floor of the home.

We had to fill out a financial statement for them that matched the one you did for our dossier.

We had to have our physician sign a paper stating we are in good health. I took our agency paper, our homestudy paper, and had them do our dossier paper all at once...rather than having to make numerous trips to the Dr. office.

Hopes this helps a little,

Tami said...

Melissa your comments said that they were posted but they disappeared. Yes $3900 is crazy! This is why I am not going with that agency. I am located in Washington, DC. The fees are higher here but not that much. And to your other post. I don't know if I can ever stop shopping either that is why I am trying to purge now so I can have room to shop later! lol