Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Autobiography Perplexed

As many times as I said I was not going to look at the autobiography questions I'm sure you all know that I...FAILED! (No, I haven't learned yet) I thought I would take a look to get my thoughts together before I started writing and if I had any questions ask my adoption/blog community.

The questions actually look pretty simple although I had a few flashbacks to my B-School application days where I worked until the last possible moment on the essay questions ending up at the main post office to make sure it was postmarked by midnight. Have I mentioned I am a huge procrastinator? I'm working on it though....it's on my list! Really it is!

So, after reviewing the autobiography questions, I have two questions that I need a little clarification on.

  1. What significant information do you know about your family as it was when you were an infant? WHAT?? Significant information about my family when I was an infant? Significant to whom? Like...did we have a dog? Did my brother make the cat disappear? Did I not have a father? What is significant to one person is not significant to another. This question is ambiguous, how should I answer this?
  2. What were your goals and aspirations as a young adult? Well...my goals were to be married, have 2.5 kids, not work and live in a million dollar home...I didn't achieve ANY of those...uh...ohh...LOL



Tracey said...

1. I can't really help you with that one. There was significant stuff going on in my family when I was a baby, so I actually had a lot to write for that one.

2. I wrote about wanting successful career, home, marriage and family. I then said I had achieved everything except marriage and children, and I was hoping to do something about the children part by adopting.

Melissa said...

Totally don't understand question number one. I guess you can flub it a bit and say that they were destined to be parents. The way they were so gentle and caring toward me (and siblings if you have any) reflected their genunine disposition t be loving and nuturing parents. They understood the commitment and dedication needed... yadda yadda yadda.

As for the second.. dang..someone out there is married to my house, has my 2.5 kids and is living the good life in my million dollar home. It sucks a bit.