Tuesday, July 10, 2007

There Is No Me Without You

I just read an outstanding book which many refer to as a prerequisite for adopting in Ethiopia. "There is No Me Without You" is so inspiring after you read it you will know that you aren't doing enough (even if you are adopting) and wll want to do more...it will change your view of Africa. It left me thinking how to start an organization to benefit the children of Africa. I don't think adoption is enough however it is still dear to my heart. I'm thinking maybe I can do something that would help other single women afford adoption while simultaneously help an orphanage in Ethiopia/Africa or maybe something dealing with economic development. I don't know. I have a million ideas. I will just continue to pray on it and I am sure that the answer will become clear.

Written by Melissa Fay Greene about her travels to Ethiopia to visit Haregewoin Teferra who started an orphanage after the sudden death of her husband (heart attack) and daughter (cancer). Having rented a larger home so she could have the space to care for her ill daughter, so when the "authorities" asked her to temporarily house a homeless girl she agreed. Within months she had over 40 orphans and was being faced with issues of poverty, HIV and homosexuality to name a few.

Many of the orphans pictures are included and situations are described in detail. To conclude the book the orphans who were adopted to America a brief update is also included on how adoption affected them and their families.

Finally, following are a few statistics that I wanted to share that were included in the book:
  • In 2005 Ethiopia had 1,563,000 AIDS orphans (second highest concentration of AIDS orphans in the world) of those 1,400 were adopted abroad
  • By 2010 between 25 - 50 million African children, from 0 - 15 will be orphans
  • In 2006, 4.7 million people in Africa need AIDS drugs only 500,000 have access to them
  • 6,600 Africans are dying of AIDS daily

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