Monday, July 16, 2007

Time For a Home Study

While examining my stack of adoption documents I managed to make out the words "home study". Anyone that knows me knows I'm a pretty pragmatic person and one that doesn't like a lot of superfluous stuff...I mean things like extra manuals, brochures, papers... and 100+ pages explaining how to fill out a bunch of forms! In education I am what they would classify as a hands on learner (kinesthesitic). However, I know there are times when we must suck it up for the greater good (yes, the adoption would be for the greater good). I still have not managed to spend a full day reading (cover to cover) all of the pages telling me how to fill out more pages of documents but I have managed to read the pages that said get a home study! Some progress is better than none.

I now have to decide which agency to use. If you have any feedback on any of the agencies listed below, please by all means share them with me. This would give me more time to think about reading all of those documents!


Anne said...


Did you consider World Child? Paul Kelner (at World Child) did our HS as well as Tracey's and a few others. We thought that he was great and very efficient. FYI-Elizabeth M. in Arlington used Datz and wasn't happy with them.

Okay, good luck chosing a social worker!


Tami said...

Thanks! I did hear his name mentioned and I forgot about that. I will speak with him. I don't have the energy to be unhappy so I will take the helpful advice!

Hi! I'm Laura. Welcome to my blog. said...

let me know what you hear. it was suggested that i use datz but after reading that above comment i am no longer so sure...

Tracey said...

I used Paul Kelner at World Child. He was very quick and efficient with the homestudy and the first post-placement report. There was some unexplained hold up with the second post-placemnt report, though it didn't make much difference in the end.
I kno wsomeone who used Barker, and they wanted to tell her the referral information instead of the placing agency. So, she had to drive to their offices and wait an extra day. That just seems like a power trip to me - the SW wanting to give the good news and see the client's reaction.